Menu Plan Monday, 8 February 2016

Part of why I like to menu plan is to take the schlep out of “what’s for dinner”.  A small time investment over the weekend means I don’t have to

Menu Plan Monday, 1 February 2016

I menu plan dinners for the week ahead, this is the meal where planning is the most helpful as the wheels are most likely to come off when rushed or tired.

Seed Crackers

Recipe ReDux A New Ingredient for the New Year

2015 Roundup

Looking back, without realizing it, 2015 seems to have been the year of chicken on the blog – chicken curry, chicken casserole, spice rubs for chicken…

Honey Mustard Chicken Casserole

I love that with mere minutes of prep, you leave this dish to marinade, then pop in the oven, set a timer and carry on with your day.

Chocolate Truffles

Recipe ReDux Grab a Book & Cook

Gluten-free Christmas Cake

This Christmas cake ensures everyone can have a slice, free from wheat, gluten, soya, peanuts and dairy, and can be made alcohol, egg and nut free too…just plenty of Christmassy flavour.

The Blood Group Diet

Despite the popularity of the blood group diet, the evidence-based literature does not substantiate the health claims made.